Fathers what are we? Someone who works to death trying to provide for the family? A selfish man who doesn’t care about anything but himself?  Or the man who goes out his way to put smiles on his wife and kids? I believe all tree can identify with a dad. I know in my life as a dad I have done everything possible to make my family happy. Even when times were hard I did everything to reassure them all will be good. I’m the dad who doesn’t live in the realistic world. I believe in fun first and everything second. In that belief I have put my family through a rollercoaster ride but at the same time they also have learned about taking chances. Fortunately for me, I always manage to get out of it. I have been a family man for 22 years and a dad for 28 years. All 3 of my children I can say are successful. I remember sleeping with my eyes open and my mind thinking about bills that where mounted up , trying to keep the lights, cable, water, food, and a roof available to them  so they can sleep well. I was always Keeping the money problems to myself so my wife wouldn’t worry, and being faithful every year even when temptation was near. But I did more than that my wife and kids traveled and enjoyed their time under my watch. We also had terrible times when things just didn’t go our way. But we all stood together and prayed when we had to and laugh when we needed. I think the hardest part of being a dad is when the kids start to get old and they leave the home for college or just to be on their own. All three of my kids where gone from my home by the age of 21. Though my daughter has come back to finish college and needs help with my granddaughter she is still independent in her ways. I must say I get an A for dad!! Even though times again have gotten hard and decisions are being made.  I will keep an open mind and try my best not to make bad decisions and make them based on what’s good for the family just not good for me. For I do know that the years of being a dad are hard { if you have done your job as a dad}   and we can sometimes get tired and want to run away especially for the one who frets over certain things he wants. But to all the fathers of the world may your decisions be just….And don’t live a lie, but the truth for we all have the right for happiness no matter where it is, but while committed take care of your business and remember you are responsible for those kids and your wife until separation or death.

May your dream come alive in 2013 😉

By Tyrone Garcia Author of the book “ Soap That doesn’t clean”


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