Road Trip To paradise.


Life is a journey the road ahead is long, but I can guarantee that the new horizons you see will be worth the trip. I got the privilege of getting this picture from a good friend while on her way to work.  When you look at the picture it shows a never ending road.  The funny thing is, all you see is more roads ahead which keep you blind of the outcome and final destination, but how boring life would be if we all knew the outcome of all our plans. It wouldn’t be worth the try. When we look at life as a road trip to paradise we tend to be less worried about the traffic ahead, traffic that wil stall our enthusiasm from achieving whatever goal we set. The traffic I’m referring to is negativity. The negative mind like’s  to get us lost in the emotional triangle of hate, envy, and despair, for we are all going to fail at times, but how you react to failure will show if you got what it takes to be successful in this world. Henry Ford the man who built and started the model-t ford went bankrupt 5 times before he can achieve his goals of putting out an automobile that would be affordable for anyone not just the rich. Imagine if he would have given up?  How many ford dealers and cars are all over the globe? Thousands!!!   Some people make it quick, but some have to fall and start all over again understanding that the next time they will do things different. We all have different roads to travel on not everyone is going the same way that is what makes life so adventurous and fun.  I have been on that road and gotten off making some bad decisions on a detour of insanity, luckily to find my way back on it. I see myself driving straight ahead without deviating from my course a course plotted for me by the Powers of the universe. May your road trip be successful and your horizons are great for life is boring if you’re not on the road of life.

May your dream come alive in 2013 😉

By Tyrone Garcia Author of the book ‘Soap That Doesn’t clean”

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