An evening at the park…


I had the privilege of sitting in the park early evening and it was great. I sat and smoked my Montecristo cigar and enjoyed watching the green grass and blue sky. I was able to forget about bills, jobs, problems, money, concerns, everything; just sat and relax. While the sun was shining I gave thanks for what I have, life and all my moving parts working well. I did notice something that caught my attention. There was a family playing soccer husband, wife, kids, they were all having fun. Laughing, and really having some quality time together. When I saw that I said now that family is rich at this moment! They are doing the right thing enjoying life as a family. They may have tons of problems but at that time all was forgotten. How many other families are sitting around the house worrying about the bills or the job? How many kids are being affected and waiting impatiently to be old enough to leave home because they are tired of the worries and despair they see the parents going through. I have learned that life has to be lived one day at a time or for some of us one minute at a time. It only cost a walk or a little gas to go to a park with the family and take a ball and play a game of something. The laughter and fun may give you an open mind and give you ideas on how to get you out of your hard times. Some of the best ideas come through laughter and having fun. When the mind is free of negativity the brain starts to work better. Depression only clouds your mind with fear and worry never allowing the universe to come into your life and direct you in the right direction. God can help the spirit that’s free, not the spirit who has no faith. God is faith and faith is how we fight our way through negativity and life. Once we have found gratitude in everything we have the universe starts to fill us with abundance and that’s when the miracles start to happen daily. So the next time you’re feeling down take the family to the park and play a game and become young again the results may surprise you.

May your dream come alive in 2013 :0)

By Tyrone Garcia: Author of the book ‘Soap that doesn’t clean”

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