Enjoy the here and now.

The other day  I heard someone complain about how his life was miserable, because he struggles to keep money; he said he just screws up everything he touches. I heard him and identified with his cry for help. I can also destroy money at times and not use it wisely. I had a great amount of it several years ago and today I’m depending on a paycheck. The difference with me is I enjoyed it when I had it. Life is a journey and many things will come to us and they will also leave us. We need to learn how to enjoy the moment and not get too attached, because everything that comes to you is a learning curve about you. Life like’s to prepare life and when we get depressed we tend to stall it. We feel that if we just feel down some power of the universe will help get us back up. Well in my past experience it won’t happen until you become grateful for your present moment. You must be happy in the bad times and in the good times, than the money and things you want will return. You also have people that say money is evil: if it is than why go to work to earn it?  The problem is one character defect we have, self pity. We struggle and right away we start to abandon the goals we had, because we feel that through suffering and not striving for anything God will love you and take care of you. Saying I don’t care for the material. Well we need our home, car, money, in order to survive period. If not, than you can inherit the earth and be homeless and just give up on your journey. The universe has given me everything I have asked for and I continue to ask because if my money situation is solved than I can attack the real problems myself. But when you can’t pay bills and financially you are struggling, the world will only let you worry about the money you don’t have because everything cost money. So when you lose things like a house, job, money, look at it as a challenge to prove that your love was not for the material it was for your own personal goals which is growing into a higher consciousness with your creator. Everything else is just part of your spiritual education.  love and enjoy all that comes to you for more will come if your patient. But you must have strong faith even when you are about to fall of the cliff.

May your dream come alive in 2013 :0)

By : Tyrone Garcia

My book “Soap that doesn’t clean” can be purchased below.


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