Moving On

As the days go by I see myself floating away from the past into a future that assures me that my dreams will come true. I already know that I will be in business again, because I want more than any company can offer. I see the same results over and over again people lying and selling you dreams that are false. I myself believe that if you can’t get what you want working for someone than go get it yourself. I have been passed up again for a position I greatly believe I can do better than the ones there are picking, but I do respect the fact that it’s not my company to judge their decisions. I see businesses struggling for reasons of their own ignorance.  They allow themselves to follow their prejudices or envy instead of following logic and smart business decisions.  I always believe that my time here has been nothing but training to prepare me  for great run in opening several  businesses  that I have been planning now for the last year. Along the way I have met people that may serve as partners or workers themselves. I do plan to achieve this as time continues because I just don’t believe in sitting around complaining about something that doesn’t belong to me. Though I ask myself this question? Why do I continue to have rotten people in my life, not everyone, but there is always one that slips in and makes my passion for work and success harder than what it is? Maybe I’m just a too powerful to be someone’s kiss-ass.  I refuse to submit myself to prejudice and ignorance and my only goal is to be happy. In the past I have allowed people to live in my mind rent free and torture my thoughts with fear! I’m ready universal powers to accept your gifts. I only would have wished everything would have worked out, but I must move on if I plan to be happy. I thank God that I have an open mind and that nobody can change my thoughts.

May your dream come alive in 2013 🙂

By Tyrone Garcia Author of the Book “ Soap That doesn’t Clean”

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