Are we slaves?

How much has life changed. People are so broke they spend more time trying to pay their bills then enjoying life. I also have been affected with the bill plague. What is happening to us? Are we looking at the beginning of Armageddon?  When will the people get tiered of the same problem every week? Then they go to work and are asked to kill themselves for the salaries that can’t pay anything. I witness it almost every day people’s credit card declining greedy payday loans asking for 300 % interest on a five hundred dollar loan, instead of asking maybe for 75 bucks or something reasonable for the customer to afford. It’s like the financial system is setup for people to fail. When will it all end.   I guess when people start to just give up and start to move back to the more affordable lifestyles.  The hood the place where we were chased away from because of gangs, drugs, violence, unfortunately we did have many good times there, but the problem is the anger that lies in those places. Everyone‘s dream is to live in a nice house with their family where the streets are cleaned and the local businesses are cage free. But the reality of living in la la   land is becoming unreasonable for some of the people. Is it our fault the country has gone so rotten?  Yes it is, we have over spent what we don’t have that’s why we are struggling so much. The broke people look rich and the poor people look broke. The way of the world the actual feeling of the well deserved. How does it feel when your bank account is never more than 1 combo meal at Mc Donalds. The big business man is also at fault by forgetting what was valuable to our country. Manufacturing brought many jobs and gave us great products. Today the company giving the most jobs is retail! Where you can’t make but so many hours and the salaries are low, a job that was created more for the young kids living with their mom or college students that are looking for beer money. Fast foods and clothing stores, is all America has to offer and if they like you maybe you become a manager. I believe the people have been had and the only thing left to do is beg for a promotion, hit the lottery, or open your own business and see if you are blessed. Me myself I really don’t care I had my share of the good life and I continue to have it and I believe it will get better for all those who also believe. For some crazy reason the people who believe are the ones who never suffer. The people who say “for toady I can’t do it I will try again tomorrow”.  I have learned that positive energy takes away the fear of failure the fear of losing it all, but if you do lose it there’s something better about to happen, we should all be positive for the real capitol we fight for is life.

By Tyrone Garcia

May your dream come alive in 2013 ;0)

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