Humility can bring Progress

Why must I be humble, but the other person isn’t. I guess I’m the winner. People sometimes feel that they are in charge and only their way works. Any new person who shows up is worthless there is nothing that they can teach. I had a little experience this morning with that problem. I lost the battle, but did I?  I’m in for a pretty rough time. But there is one thing I know is that stubbornness in business doesn’t mix. When I had the restaurant I was confronted by people who wanted to partner up with me. But I always felt as I can do it myself. I would say no but I struggled for 10 years trying to keep it afloat eventually I had to sell it and here I am working for someone, just because I wouldn’t listen and swallow my pride. But I got a strong education behind it and I’m making moves that will bring me back to where I was maybe even better. I have learned so much about managing in this job I have that I see what I did wrong in my past business. The reason I have learned is because of my willingness to accept where I was wrong and where I can get better. I see myself being a better business man in the future. So even though I’m dealing with some people I don’t like I have been able to capitalize on the training I have gotten.  I’m grateful and if the others are not humble that’s their problem not mine. We are all responsible for ourselves, our growth is based on our own humility to learn and for those who waste time judging others, “well” they have many years of frustration ahead.

May your dream come alive in 2013? :0)

Tyrone Garcia Author of “Soap That Doesn’t Clean”




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