Never say no to a new journey

What does it take to walk away even when they are stopping you? I find it very alarming when a person’s wishes are not met with respect. How does the world turn in your life? Do you feel incarcerated in your own home? Do you want to explore the world and be only responsible for yourself? Test your curiosity I say.  How would the world survive if we didn’t have curiosity? We all have a cut off switch in life when it’s time to move on its time to move on. Neither guilt nor sorrow will stop it. For man has to fulfill his destiny. But what is destiny a moral feeling that turns us into adventurous go-getters.  I find it hard to believe that anyone can just sit at home for the rest of their lives without any social life: because there are enslaved to a partner who will not just adjust to the new way of living. The years go by and you start to feel like a man in jail; waiting for parole which can mean death. However when you start to make your move and leave, everyone is looking at you in a way that you should enslave yourself even if you don’t want to. Why can people just put the emotion to the side and accept the unacceptable. I believe where there is no happiness there is no unity. Friendship can work for the handcuffs are off and there is no commitment, which makes the relationship more bearable. Call me weird but the universe can call you anytime and when that happens you have to move. Have you ever sat on your bed or lay down just to think where is your life going?  I have done it many times and I must be honest it’s an unpleasant feeling to be so confused with your life. I will tell you go with your feelings and heart: but also use your logic and be honest with your decisions for it’s your life to live no one else’s.  The rules are made by your higher consciousness with your creator not the people who make up rules to fulfill their own selfish ways. So tonight I tell you free yourself from sadness because you are neither helping yourself or whoever else is involved.

May your dream come alive in 2013 J

By Tyrone Garcia Author “Soap That doesn’t Clean”

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