Happy or sad

Laughing is the best thing to do when feeling down. Whenever I feel pretty bad I choose to call people who are funny and bring out the best in me. There are many sad times in people’s lives; it’s almost inhuman not to have any. The question I ask myself is why? Why must we struggle so much with our daily lives? Is it the money, children, Job, or we ran out of gas and are looking for change? But not everybody understands that, we enslave ourselves into personalized prisons and use guilt to keep the people mentally enslaved. Some of us are here for the long haul, but some will get tired because the fun has run out. Today’s life is so hard for the internet has spoiled it for those who go to sleep at 10pm on a Saturday night. There is so much excitement and fun that an awakening is imminent every moment of the day for those they call golden years. The way medicine and exercise is going the golden years may not hit till 85 years old. Life should be enjoyed every day and nothing should stop you from being happy. We have a few kids and reach some age and right away we become these only responsible to our jobs and bills type of people instead of being responsible to ourselves. Selfish not! For everyone should have smiles on their faces just not the chosen few; for many years you think that keeping the wife in kids happy is all what matters. Then you drop dead from misery and overworking and they have nothing but a memory of someone who loved them, but didn’t love himself. What kind of phony rule is that? The rule of a man who cares enough to die young and leave the false memories he had. Here’s the drill everyone needs to love each other 100% or you have a time bomb waiting to ignite. I hope and pray that all can be happy and not falsely happy and that you teach your children the same.

May your dream come alive in 2013 J

By Tyrone Garcia Author of the book “Soap That Doesn’t Clean” you can purchase it below.


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