House Party

I love the house party. The conversation is great the food is delicious and the people are talking old times. Today at my friend’s birthday party several of us got together and celebrated with him. We relived the old days in New York and spoke about when we were kids. I remember at the Delgado house parties, me and my Friends would take beer from the fridge when our parents weren’t looking and drink it.  We talked about how families would fill many people in their small apartment while the kids would be in the hallways hanging out. It did bring back memories and that’s why for me the house party is still more valuable than going to clubs. I like always took over and started talking about Puerto Rico and how the island has changed for the worse. People are leaving the island to escape the insanity that goes on over there. However we did discuss the possibilities’ of change if the right people where running the island. Other than that the party was a great success.

Have a nice day J

Tyrone Garcia. You can purchase my book below.

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