destiny is real

There was once a man who thought he knew what he wanted. He made decisions on impulse not on logic or facts just believing that God had set it up. All went well until he started to see things not go the right way. For many years he lived a lie and portrayed to be happy. But inside he was unhappy and becoming miserable. One day he decided to share it with another person and it started to awaking him to the truth about how he really felt. He went on and on over the possibility of ending it but always worried about the others. That was always his problem making everyone happy but himself trying to play the role of Mr. Perfect. Dying to be like the others and portraying to be something he’s not. He tossed and turned every night in bed wondering about the outcome and what will happen to the others. He would suffer for them all and would just allow the years to continue to build his worry. But the day would come for him to open up and be honest. Though he rather keep his misery in order not to hurt anyone. He then opened his mouth and started his way out and eventually became free. When he did he ran off into the world trying to find his destiny. He found it and all the others were happy and he was to they would get together from time to time to remember the good old days. But the man real job was to fulfill his destiny. Sometimes in life not everything is permanent it’s just temporary and you have to go with the times because we all have something to do here for our creator. The spirit will tell you when it’s time to move and when the time comes you have to. God has picked us to do certain task for him and it may be constant change. But what’s important is when he calls we must go and do his will.

May your dream come alive in 2013

By Tyrone Garcia Author of the book “Soap that doesn’t Clean”

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