Bouncing Off walls.

Sometimes I just feel like finding a place far away from this society which to me is delusional over what it wants.  You feel like your bouncing of walls trying to follow these manmade rules that only make you more miserable than happy.  What is life if you are not free to do what you want? Really it’s like everyone is telling you what to do and if you don’t do it your wrong. What ever happen to what makes you feel good?  Between religion and phony politics it seems to be that we are bigger slaves then the original slaves, at least the original slaves knew they weren’t getting anything. Today you get lied to and you are told how to live your life. Thou shall not do this? Thou shall not do that? How about thou shall leave me the hell alone, people are always trying to use the guilt complex on people and meanwhile people keep dying of hunger and are oppressed by the rich every day. So where is this reprieve of ours for following the rules? You know where?  Nowhere!  You don’t get rewards for being nice you build your own dream and go with it. God the almighty gave us the biggest weapon of life it’s called traits. We all have some sought of personality that takes us from bottom to top in life, and it helps us to have the things we need and want. The most important attitude I have found in me  is to be honest with you, friends, and family. And never do things because it’s the right thing to do. Do it because it makes you feel good. I have done so many right things to do, that it has done nothing but give me resentments. We can become people pleasers and that in itself is selfish toward you and the person you helped. Today whenever I help someone I do it because I like them and feel that my help can bring them happiness.  How I wish the world can change and fun can be the real goal of life. For today’s goals are all about material and fame how that can be fun. Maybe I sound like a rotten Kid, but when you hit that Middle age of 50 you start to get bored with the everyday routine. You want to go backwards and be young again.    if you’re smart you exercise and eat right and try to keep the fat off. But feeling young is what keeps us moving and happy. I will continue to walk like a 20 year old and maintain a young inner feeling so that I can continue to enjoy life as I should.

May your dream come alive in 2013

By Tyrone Garcia:  Author Of the Book “Soap that doesn’t clean”      You can purchase my book at this link

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