Dreams can come true.

There once was a girl who lived in a ghetto. Her name was Mary.  She only knew one thing survival. Throughout her childhood and young adult life she would always here the same thing, we got no money, we need to work so we can pay the rent,” Hector is not that bad a guy he has a job at the bodega you can have a great life with him”. Her surroundings where drugs, gangs, violence, and welfare, most people left the hood in a body bag and funerals were the weekend retreat. The welfare Department was pretty much the 401-k and jobs where mostly underpaid. The world of Mary had tons of obstacles. Mary was about to graduate from High School and she saw many opportunities to apply for Community College. Mary wanted to apply, but she was part of the family income so she had to work. It was a shame   that she couldn’t go to College. Although Mary lived in a hell whole and was always working; she was pretty bright and had good grades.  One night Mary before going to sleep asked God for help. She went to sleep and had a dream in her dream she saw herself in college learning and getting her degree in law, Mary always like starting an argument about something which gave her the right trait for being a lawyer. A Lawyer creates an argument in order to win their case. She saw herself getting a nice house and being married to another professional. Having children and going to work dressed professionally. She saw herself living the American dream not the American nightmare. While in her dream she lived the life she really wanted and created a world that would fit her needs better than the one she was living. When Mary woke up she wanted the dream to continue so she went applied for college and started to make her dream a reality for you have to do it nobody else can. Mary eventually graduated and is now a successful lawyer living in DC. She has a house a husband and 2 children. She also was able to help her family and her parents. They have a nice little house in Virginia. All it took was a dream to get Mary out of the ghetto she was living. When she gave up on her pity and believed in her fantasy she made it come true. I have done the same and many others have to. For if your life is down its ok, but start moving towards your dream and stop crying over nothing. The world is full of adventure and miracles and maybe there’s one waiting for you…..

May your dream come alive in 2013  J

By Tyrone Garcia Author of the Book “Soap That doesn’t Clean”   You can purchase my book by hitting the link below.


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