The Real Puerto Rican


I’m always seeing on blogs or sites so much about being Puerto Rican well let this Nuyorican born again real Puerto Rican share with the public  what is it to be Puerto Rican. To be Puerto Rican means to love your Island. To know who Dr Pedro albizu Campos was. To understand that we are part Tiano Indian, African and European, that the big three brings us much beauty and knowledge of the beautiful culture we have. La salsa La Bomba  y Plena, la danza and we don’t dress like we are going to play in the park. When we go out into the street or to the mall the men get dressed up and the women do to. When we walk we always look good. We have pride in ourselves and try to educate ourselves on our island and culture not that Bullshit American social order crap that some people follow. We support our people when they are in need we don’t envy their success we praise it. When someone talks to us in Spanish and we don’t know you should be ashamed of yourself for you have been given a head start with two languages and you failed because America has intimidated you. You are Puerto Rican first and everything else last. You take pride in your children and you work hard to raise them not looking for excuses to abandon them; divorces happen but the children are still our responsibility. The real Puerto Rican man can turns women into butter, because we do know how to love when we want to. The real Puerto Rican women always keeps the relationship on fire so stop taking talking crap with your friends and get into the gym and start to keep that body toned and looking hot like you should. Same goes for the man run that fat of your waist so you can give yourself a few more decades of natural use of that body which is becoming obsolete quick. The real Puerto Rican never complains about what they don’t have they complain about what that haven’t done to get better. They strive on perfection and learn to how to use the perfection. For we are from a race of Kings and we shall bring that back to our Island Rich port -Puerto Rico and for those who has allowed the government to exploit you with welfare how far do you expect to go on that?  And remember for some of you Latinos that may read this your ancestors are like mine. Indian, African, European. So if you have my flag in your car take the slave mentality out of your system and get that Boricua attitude going   Que vive Puerto Rico.

May your dream come alive in 2013

By Tyrone Garcia; Author of the book  “ Soap That doesn’t Clean”

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