Keeping your Options opened!!!

Do we blow opportunities because we are so closed minded? How many times the answer to your prayers is right in front of you, but you’re too blind to see. Everyday miracles happen in front of us, but we are plagued with our number 1 friend, Realism and doubt are the two factors in our lives that keep us in the prison of our minds. Lack of self confidence is our enemy. We only feel safe with our daily routine of just hoping all works out.  But you see yourself getting nowhere and the years go by and the only change you see is in your worsen living conditions and clothes. You start to accept not having anything and you look like a homeless person thinking you are really being humble. But inside you are miserable and full of anger as you try to make ends meet, because now it’s every week that you are having problems. While others enjoy life and their successes, I always said to myself that this is not my life when I was living in the housing Projects in New York. I always wanted the good life, and I pretty much gave myself one. But there are many failures before you achieve success, that’s the key not to fold when things are going haywire. I always say Good Things are coming, even when there doesn’t seem to be any sunshine on my rainy day. My mind is always in fantasy.  I never believe I’m going to fall I believe I’m going to receive or something will show and help me.  I just needed to keep an open mind. I will pass on this little story. I once needed out of NY because it was getting very bad. In 1988, as I was lying in my bed my 3 year old daughter is playing with a newspaper and about to stick it in her mouth. I stopped her and grabbed the newspaper. I then started looking at it was the classified ads for employment. I have found a Job with the Government riding ships but working as a civilian mariner.  Within 2 weeks I was in Alicante Spain and with a new Job. That move would make changes in my life that till today there is many things happening for me. And I am free.

May your dream come alive in 2013

By Tyrone Garcia you can buy my book here at this link

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