People Pleasing can hurt in the long Run.

Life has no meaning if you’re living lie. You fake through your daily routines but inside you feel like a prisoner of falsehood. You live day in and day out trying to find that courage to break out of your false life, but you become weak when you see the turn out. There are others who just get up and go no matter how the outcome is, but some are just too compassionate to do it. So then what? You live like a fool who makes the world happy even if you’re not?  Oh how many saints have resentments?  Not many, for they were given the gift of first availability up in the Godly world of heaven. But how about the others that are up there did they sacrifice? I have no idea, but a person pleasing others is the worse character defects one can have. It’s not that you are good it’s that you don’t know how to say “I am worth it” or just say no when you have to. Run if you have to change if you need to, but don’t sit and die because you are worried about someone else. For what kind of teacher teaches what they themselves don’t practice. Life is about happiness and we all should be happy never sad. Because eventually it will hurt in the long run if we are dishonest with our thoughts and actions. As we get older we feel differently about what we felt good about in the past, because we have grown and ready to move on. The growth of spirituality is rough because the more you self search yourself the more you want to let go of certain things, because you have changed you no longer need to do what you did before less is good and love is super and the rest is just small. Not all problems are problems only the thoughts that enslave you into worry are the real problems. May your problems turn to dust and may your dream turn to reality and your life is full of light and wisdom.

May your dream come alive in 2013?

By Tyrone Garcia

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