Keep the fire of love alive.

The fire within is the flame that holds love together. When two people start of on a journey of love, there is nothing that gets in their way. No matter what happens there are always wrap together in a frenzy of love. But time passes and that flame is distinguished by the obstacles of life. Bills, jobs, children, extra responsibilities come and they are confronted with a flame breathing dragon of antagonizing problems. The dragon continues to blow flames of distinguishing water and doesn’t stop until it has discouraged you into negativity. You start to worry and the unity starts to fall apart. There is an enormous amount of pressure on you and the finger starts to point. You spend more time trying to overcome the problem and the flame between you has gotten smaller and smaller! Then one is left to wonder what happen while the other is falling into the abyss of skeptical illusion. The dragon has beaten you and the fire is over. You now feel like you are in a prison of untouched love. You say what happened?  Is this the life we will have forever and ever? Why do we allow the worries of life to put out our fire? I don’t know. But know you are wondering if there is another fire that can be started, but you look and say it can’t for the other is too far gone. For another might be able to light it back up. Life brings all kinds of problems but it’s up to the couple to keep the flame alive.

By Tyrone Garcia

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