Confidence is all you need.

One of the worse feelings is when you think you’re not good enough. These emotions come from lack of confidence and maybe our upbringings. I remember growing up I was always pretty slow to understand things. I would always make myself feel like I just wasn’t good enough. I would see others become successful but would say to myself hey I’m not as good as them, I don’t belong. For many years I kept that attitude allowing it to become resentment. Then becoming defensive when I felt someone was trying to act like they were better. My mind was closed to the real reality that I just lacked confidence in myself. I, who thought so low of me, became a business man and have always moved up in all the positions I had. The problem is that people can sometimes be cruel and lack of motivation is the problem.  Success comes from positive energy whenever someone tells you that you are good your whole life changes your thinking does also, and then the negative starts to get drowned out by the positive.  Our thoughts are the greatest weapons we can use when combating character defects. Just thinking and focusing on what you want is all that is needed to attain the goals you are trying to achieve. The worse words is {I can’t} you will never get far with that attitude. The mind has to have a great imagination in order to maintain positive vibes in your life. When you are a realist you only believe in facts and evidence, when you are a dreamer like me your life is full of adventure and you never give up on anything, because you believe it will happen, when others tell you it won’t.  When I opened my first restaurant everybody told me Puerto Rican restaurants in Virginia Beach or Virginia don’t last 6 months. Well I lasted 10 years and my place is still there with different owners going on year 14. Every time I drive by the old restaurant I say to myself that is the place they said wouldn’t make it and there it still goes. I guess I was better than I thought I was.  I just needed confidence, and By the way:  I’m working on a business for the distant future.

May your dream come alive in 2013 :0)

Tyrone Garcia

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