Climbing The successful ladder

What a week it has been. One of my goals was met!  I wrote my book and I received my book copy. Now it’s time to sell it. But I also have other plans and that is to get better and do the same for others. 2013 has been in interesting year for me. I have felt like a young boy in an older man’s body. I feel alive and writing has done it for me. I see emotions running like fire in the sky and I hope the flame stays lit, for when the fire is out your wheel chair steps up, and you become old. I believe being old is all in your mind. You can control your mind to make you feel anyway you want. I’m only 52 and not worried about saying it, because I feel that I can kick a young boy’s ass in a New York minute.  In January of 2012 I was weighing 255 pounds. I felt old and was just not into anything. One day I went to the doctor and was ordered medicine for high blood pressure. I started to accept my not so old age and the medicine was affecting me in a way that made me feel uncomfortable. .I said hell no.  I start to exercise, stop drinking high fructose corn syrup sodas and no eating after 8 pm, along with an ending to fast foods. I ate salads from the Supermarket for lunch and ate less at dinner. I went from a waste line of 46 to 38 and weight wise 205, there I still am. I cheat occasionally, but always getting myself back to the discipline. The bad thing is I needed to buy new clothes because my pants, and shirts, were too big.  I work go to college at my late age and write what I feel.  I share it with whoever wants to hear it and don’t care if you don’t: for my mind is now free to be happy and content with life.  I am now working on a new project and that will take me to higher levels of life. Yes I am alive at 52 and ready to concur anything that comes my way.

May your dreams come alive in 2013

By Tyrone Garcia :0)

You can order my book  “ Soap That doesn’t Clean “ by hitting this link.

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