The road is long but there is an ending.

The road to your goals can be hard and long, but it could also be rewarding. How many of us have taken shortcuts trying to get there? Many I guess, but you must walk straight ahead without deviation from the route. For some of us success comes quick and it feels like there was nothing to it.  For others the obstacles in front are never-ending making us skeptical about our hopes and dreams. I know I have been in this road for many years. I thought back in the 2000 I had found my last road to walk on, but it was just more training to get me to the final run. I am on it now and finding new horizons that are pointing me toward the ultimate goal. My stubbornness has given me much difficulty and have given me rough times, but the adventure has been worth it. I have met many people and I have been given many ideas. I believe that’s how God works with all of us. When you least expect it our open minds leads us to the right path and there we find our success. I hope my new project leads me there for others are involved and their hopes are also hoping for a successful ending.

May your dream come alive in 2013 :0)

By Tyrone Garcia. 

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