The choices we make are hard

How many people live a lie? You wake up one day and asked yourself am I happy with my current situation? Whether it’s your job or your home: something has to give, because eventually you will not function correctly. Every person has the right to have happiness even if others are affected. For neither can be happy if there is no honesty. Let’s start with your job if you find yourself complaining to much then you really need to find another, because the expectations your boss has for you  won’t be met. Nowadays trying to find happiness can be rough there are so many obstacles to climb, so many problems to solve that you get warn out mentally and start to fall apart from dealing with problem after problem. Can it be that we mortals just ask for too much? We are never satisfied with anything, the decisions of our discontented lives. It’s like we want to have it all so bad that we are willing to destroy what we already have. The remedy I have is I don’t know!  You need to take a self appraisal of yourselves to find out what’s really happening, and only then will you know the truth. Happiness is created from our own thoughts, nothing is needed; just our own imagination of what we want in order to find happiness. Believe it or not our sadness is our own creation and we need to start thinking differently.

May your dream come alive in 2013 :0)

Tyrone Garcia

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