Puppy Love

The worse feeling in the world is being in love with someone you can’t be with. After reliving my life by writing my book it brought me back down memory lane. I remember my first love when I was 22 years old; we worked in the same place and we had a lot of fun when we were together. Unfortunately one night I misjudged her and I went drinking for days over the thought. It was my first puppy love and boy did it take me for a ride. I overheard her making plans to meet someone later and I took it like she was getting ready to cheat on me. It was her friend; I would find out later she was going to do her hair. After I got back from my 3 day drinking bender she decided to leave me, smart she was, because my drinking would become unbearable and cost me a divorce with another woman.  I would meet someone else after that, but I would continue thinking about her which made my new relationship terrible.  It took me years to get that crazy puppy love away from my mind. Having fun was our biggest success when we were together it’s what I missed the most.  How many of us have lost love ones because of insecurity?  We always predict that nothing can go right even when someone is treating us good we start to get that feeling of” Ok” what is he /she after?  Fear of being played the fool is more on our mind than just enjoying the moments you are together.  Why must we be so closed minded with life?  Maybe it’s just the scars we get from the past hurt the good people showing up in the present.  For me I’m way past those days for I have been happily married for 20 years. However I still remember the fun and the hurt of Puppy Love. The great thing is when you have kids you get to see them go through it when they are of teenage age and I have!! I have sat down and pampered them though it and you tend to get a little sad for them, but you know they will get over it. It’s just to let you know that all of life has meaning and it’s up to us who experience it to pass it on to our kids and friends and co workers if younger.  It’s called wisdom, and our grey hair is the diploma.

May your dream come alive in 2013 :0)

By Tyrone Garcia

“Soap That Doesn’t Clean”

 will be for sale on iuniverse.com, and other online book stores, in 2 weeks, and also available on E-Book. 

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