The common folk.

There is nothing better in life than having everything you want. A Great Job or business with good salaries, great family, good health, nice home, expensive car,  an all around great financial life. Great vacations to Disney or wherever your heart’s desire. When all is going good it’s easy to be the good guy on the block. You love God you have nothing bad to say about nobody and when people complain you are the first one to say, what are you complaining about?  Life is great. The day comes when you lose that job and everything starts to get bad. God is the first to be forgotten for some, others will hold on to the God faith a little longer, but cave in once you start getting the collectors on the phone. Total chaos, your new Job sucks and the new salary has you living in places you never lived before.  You are now with the common people.  The people you use to tell hey!!  What you have to complain about? You start to understand their world and understand why they complain so much. Your kids get sick and you have no insurance and you can’t take off from your job, because you have become one of the common people, your boss looks at you as a money maker for him and not for you. I know the feeling it happened to me in 2009, I was lucky enough to live in decent areas, I struggled to pay the rent many times, but was able to get it done. For two years I worked for 8 dollars an hour and felt like a peasant. I must have quit several jobs because my Mr. nice guy attitude was gone. I started to understand why the common people were so angry at the world.  It’s easy to judge people when our lives are doing well. Anger and attitude certainly is launched by something more than inner self.  People’s disharmony is what ignites anger and frustration.   I still believed in the powers of the universe which is who I call God!  Down here on earth we all have free will.  Our actions are ours not the Supreme Being. However we tend to blame him and say he is teaching us something. He is not teaching you anything, you messed up. When I stopped feeling sorry for myself I started seeing results. I went to college at a late part of my life, and was given a manager’s position with a company making some decent money.  I wrote a book which will be out in several weeks from now.  I never stop believing in myself and little by little my wife and I have made it closer financially to where we were before. Will I ever have my good financial life back? Yes I will, a matter of fact it will be better. You know why? Because my fall was an education not an omen form God.

May your dreams come alive in 2013 :0)

By Tyrone Garcia.

My book will be out in several weeks.

“Soap that doesn’t clean”

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