Resentful Management !!!

Is pressure the best course of action when trying to make changes?  I believe not. For fear in any circle just brings chaos and confusion, the thought of bad times start to control your mind, and you start to create a scenario that hasn’t happened yet. I always say the angry one is the one who needs the changes not that accused.  Or am I just different? When you hit 52 you kind of slow up a little because you have seen allot.  You have been through the ringer of life. I have climbed out of an abyss of anger from past years and I believe there is only one change to be made.  Me. I always say actions speak louder than words, and if you want people to change it start with your leadership.  Not everyone needs to get into trouble to grow up, but some do need a wakeup call; and it can be done in harmony than in disharmony. I believe that whenever you cause harm to someone it comes back to haunt you.  We think we are trying to help by making drastic changes maybe even adding more than needed, but is it a resentment that we have and are looking for payback. I remember when my wife worked at Montgomery ward customer service unit. She was a supervisor and was good to her staff.  She struggled with upper management, because she would fight for associates they wanted to fire. She took those same associates and motivated them and they were one of the best groups in the company. Making upper management more furious about her, it didn’t make any sense for them to act that way, but this was true. Eventually she had to leave the company. We would open our first business after that. 1 year later all of upper management was fired by corporate and the company went bankrupt several years later. One day the manager who disliked my wife for being a good supervisor and motivator was getting a haircut next to our business. He came inside after his haircut to have dinner and saw my wife and asked if she was a waitress?  My wife said this is my restaurant…. How great that felt to her.  My philosophy is; that if you have to fire someone or add pressure to them so you can get rid of them.  You have failed as Manager. Yes there are people that are not worthy of the extra help, but like I said in another story the one that keeps the business open is the employee.  We make the world a better place when we use principals instead of personalities.

May you dreams come alive in 2013 :0)

By Tyrone Garcia

My book will be out in 2 weeks

“Soap That doesn’t Clean”

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