Dream Imagine Believe

I just finish putting together my future. How great it would be if all my dreams can come true. What miracle it would be for me to hit the Universal lottery. To do what I want, go to school full time, open a business, be the boss of all bosses, and just be free from all the people who think opposite of me. I heard once that if one dreams and believe all can happen and you will see yourself on a mountain top overseeing all the naysayers. You will finally arrive to the top of your goal. To achieve Freedom, happiness, prosperity, and independence, totally in charge is what I want.  I remember on one cold winter night I had asked for a loan for my first business I was told no. I went outside and looked at the stars and asked if this business is for me than let it come to me. I was given a call 10 minutes later and was told I can lend you this much. I quickly took charge and lasted 10 years in business. I made one stupid mistake and it cost me everything. But that mistake has pointed me in a direction that I have overcome what I have lost in as short as 3 years. And the best is yet to come. When I negotiated that business I had 25 dollars in my Bank account. The Universe put the person in my life in order for me to get the cash I needed to start it. Most businesses are made with the generosity of others or what they call investors.  Never give up your dream even when people think you are crazy always believe.

May all your dreams come alive in 2013 :0)

By Tyrone Garcia

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