Anger and Despair,

Hate: the emotion that keeps us closed minded and dead. Despair: the emotion of lost hope. Both are killers of the spirit. How do we inherit those two?  By allowing the negative people off the world control us and defeat our happiness.  People sometimes don’t notice it, but they play a big role in how others live their lives.  They themselves are angry so they pass it on to us. They find themselves chasing unreachable goals and becoming miserable doing it. I will tell you a little story about someone who dealt with this problem and overcame it.  There once was a man who thought his life was just one big failure, he lived on the streets and was very miserable with his life. He was chasing a high he never would get, but would fight trying to achieve that high. He came to the conclusion that by ending his life he would just go to sleep and feel better. However another power greater than him came to his rescue and changed his mind. He was given a program of action, an action he would take on himself and become good at it. He took a look at his hate, fear, worries, and crimes he had toward humanity.  He would learn that to be happy was greater than being mad no matter what was happening.  He saw that his failures were his successes. “For what is life when there’s no happiness” one must have some adventure in order to find the truth.  The obstacles would continue, but he would have those obstacles jump right of him.  Whenever they tried to get him mad he would use his humor and bring laughter to where there was sorrow. He doesn’t chase that high anymore he chases happiness and laughter.  He has grown from the emotion of hate and despair and lives his life greater than those who try to bring him down. His failures taught him how to find happiness.

May your dreams come alive in 2013? J

By Tyrone Garcia

My book will be out in2 weeks,

“Soap That doesn’t Clean”

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