My home is on Solid Rock

Will I get that promotion? Who knows and who cares. I do!  Why?  because I deserve it. The more I live the more I learn about my mission in life.  I have this strong urge to motivate people who struggle. I don’t care about those who have everything; I care about those who think life is just work and prayer and hope they make it through the month. Not me I believe anything is possible, but you have to move you’re tush if you want success.  As I go through my book for the last time before being published, I see how I never gave up on my dream. I mean I could of thrown in the towel in, 87, 88, 91, 97, 09, those where my worse years and the years I made big decisions. Decisions that would put me on the road I’m on today.  I always had the feeling that all would be great. I would always humble myself to a new start, whether bad or good I would take chances on new careers. I still believe I have not met my biggest success story yet. Its coming I feel it, for what is life if there is no adventure behind it. Today I love trying to help someone meet their goals.  I believe it’s what the Universe put me here to do. Throughout my walk I can say that even in my days of torment!  I always tried to do something to help. I believe that’s why I never fall. Even in my worse moments, I have gotten better than worse. I’m not much into the Bible, but I do remember some good thoughts from it, one was when building your home, build it on solid rock not sand. For the winds will knock you down if not built solid. I always took that as motivation, because I have a strong feeling that my mind and body is a rock. No wind has knocked me down. Nobody can, when they try to hurt me I laugh in their face wink my eye and say “Good Try”   and keep moving.  I’m grateful for the teachings I’ve received. Those teachings are? Invest in lost souls and awaken them to the joys of life, through motivation, understanding, and compassion. That’s what I call money in the bank.

May all your dreams come alive in 2013 :0)

By Tyrone Garcia.

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