The Sun Shines Spiritually on positive Thoughts.

The sun shining is a sign of good times coming.  We sit around looking at our finances and say to ourselves this is it! No way can I have what I want. I’m doomed to this Job which I hate, with people who only care about their boring needs. Wake up every day and do something I hate, because I don’t have the resources or connections to do what I want.  Education may last forever to get and I’m not enthused enough to try. What shall I do?  When our thoughts are negative our lives are also. We can go for years fighting the system but the system that’s stopping us is our very own negative thoughts. When I was a child living in the Bronx I use to draw pictures of a house and a boat. When In art class that would be my drawing, when I was 27 years old I went to work on a Ship. And when I was 33 years old, I owned my own home. Only by drawing my thoughts I prevailed. I thought of owning a business and I did. I thought of having a family and I received a wife, 3 kids, and now grand-kids. In 1987 I thought of writing a book I have written it. I can tell you that all my thoughts have come alive. If we can all get off the crutch of negative thought we can live the life we want. Why does it take so long?  It takes long because our skeptic attitude is in the way. I have been surprised by so many good things that I don’t know where to start telling you how they arrived, it just happens.  Once you let go of the past problems you start to fill your spiritual bank account with great moments and happiness.  I myself fall of the beam at times life is tough, but we really control what happens to us. God has given us that power. It’s up to us to find it and use it.

May all your dreams come alive in 2013 :0)

By Tyrone Garcia.

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