Good Karma makes them work harder!

For most of us the work space is where we spend most of our time. We go home and time flies by, then we are back to work. It feels like the job is our life and the only way to be is happy. But what happens when certain people try to kill that happiness with nic- picking rules. They feel that hard core supervision is what’s needed to have successful workers.  They believe that if the crew isn’t happy there are doing their job.  What fools can some of these undesirables can be. How overblown are the actions and a misrepresentation of a so- called competent supervisor. The intellect of a dictator who rules with anger and discontent is what he looks like. The honest supervisor, the easy one who is always saying yes to the crew, becomes a cancer to the head supervisor‘s circle of school of hard knots. Maybe the crew wants to be treated fair and understood when they are in trouble. The real winners are the crew. They drive the old cars, live in the rough neighborhoods, always struggling to make ends meet, not all, but a good majority does. They are your heroes not the supervisor. They work and put the product in place for sale, than the supervisor gets the glory.  He receives more income for being nothing, but a two bit little dictator. How wrong is that?  When one of the workers goes through a rough cycle of problems they quickly forget the past and leave them in the abyss. Fortunately they are supervisors who watch the bad ones and put them in their place.  They maintain the good karma going in the work force. I remember a record being broken in sales by having more fun than trying to be a rough boss. Laughter and happiness brings in more money and success than envy, and fear of losing your job for having some problems that have kept you away from the job a few days.  The job has to be fun for it to work correctly. “For what is success if not all those involved not having fun” I see work as just another day of life. I must do the best I can to make every day count; for life goes fast and death can be slow. The emotional cancer we get can make life unbearable. We are all responsible to make others happy no matter what it takes, for success isn’t materialism it’s living a happy life, and helping others.

May your dreams come alive in 2013 :0)

By; Tyrone Garcia.

My book “Soap That doesn’t Clean” will be out in 3 weeks.

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