Summer Vacations in the Bronx


Times have really changed from when I was a kid growing up in The Boogie down Bronx. Our summer vacations were created; for most of our parents didn’t have Disney world vacation money an addition to taken luxury cruises which are open to all for very little money in today world. . We laugh and enjoyed turning on the Johnny pump and getting wet on those hot summer days in Beautiful New York City.  Mr. Kool would walk by and say “hey you better not wet me” and we all would grab him and throw him in. Splash, splash, splash, take that sucker!! The kids rubbing the cans on the concrete in order to make wholes on both sides to make a solid stream of comforting cold water, the rainbow would show and would give us conformation that our actions where good. The siren would sound he comes Officer Perini, and O’Brien, to turn off our vacation.  But once they left Julio, and Rich, would turn the vacation back on.  How much fun we had in those days! Materialism was happiness and rule breaking; and in our beloved hood where hope was our goal. Today you see the kids on line in Disney world complaining that they didn’t have enough. How weak our society has become for the country is full of wimps and whiners. Poor me, poor me, you would think that the Kleenex company is making tons of money from all the crying going on. Not all times where great; the hood brought many bad times drugs, violence, and gangs would destroy a great day with an evening overdose or gunshot wound. The funeral home would be a constant place to meet family you haven’t seen in years.  for there have  fallen many angels in the hands off the devil. Not the devil you see in horror movies, the one that lives inside of the oppressor.   The one who forces the weak minded to go against God. The mirages outside the perimeter are phony. The greed for something that really doesn’t make you happy, for  a Johnny pump splashing water on you made you giggle and laugh; what more do you need.  Even at 52: I would love to do it again this summer just for the memories. Without the gunshots and overdoses, just the fun, how I wish I can bring back the ones who past just for that one day.

May your dreams come alive in 2013 :0)

Tyrone Garcia.

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