Teachers Motivate !

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While I put behind the first month of the spring semester I see myself in a battle, a class in this semester has become a challenge. I should waltz through it, but I guess I will slow up my speed. School is like life, one minute you are up and one minute you are down. You find yourself trying to balance both and looking for a neutral spot. How do we continue with our passion to go forward? Where is the motivation? Can I get some kind of push? I will do fine, because I have a secret weapon that I can use!! It’s called my Professor which motivated me to go further into this subject. When you are my age and see the other students passing with ease and you don’t, you kind of feel left out. I’m not looking for pity.  Pity is the last thing I ask for.  I’m just sharing a feeling I had an addition to a scenario of life I can grow on. Everything that we experience is education, the class room is all around you, and everywhere you go. When practicing humility we respect and grow on all the subjects life has to offer. Being a teacher isn’t easy.  The teacher should always be a student first; for how can you teach when you have no clue of who your students are. Even Jesus when meeting John the Baptist submitted to him by cleaning John’s feet. Our title is just a title! Our actions are who we are. There are people who never set foot into a school and are smarter than some with a PHD. The problem with our society is we feel that a piece of paper gives us the right to be better, and close our ears to others who don’t possess the same piece of paper. Giving an A to students is easy, but when you give C and D now you really have to show how good you are. That’s where you have to raise spirits and bring up the score. Whenever you awaken someone to get motivated into becoming something they weren’t before; there goes the true teacher. I feel better now; I am ready to do battle. I am ready to attack; I am ready to get an A. You know why?    I was in contact with my Teacher today and I’m motivated.  

May all your dreams come alive in 2013 :0)

Tyrone Garcia

My book “Soap that doesn’t clean” will be available in late march or early April,   On Amazon. 

2 thoughts on “Teachers Motivate !

  1. After following your digital adventures, I must say how proud I am that you’ve come this far without faltering. Everyday you keep up with your dream is a step above the previous day. Keep on climbing the escalator to success. Your goal is continuously becoming more complex, which means you have to continue adapting to chase it. Don’t stop chasing!

    Lots of love,


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