Have we accepted the worse?

Sunrise over La Parguera

Lovely Island of mine what has happen to you? The beauty of my island has turned into ugliness, death and drugs.  Political corruption has taken over and the people are in bondage. Is this the civilization they said we needed? I would prefer horses and long walks to town over the advance technology we have! Death in San Jaun, death in cupey, death in Ponce, death everywhere! Why are we killing off our race? Why are we still enslaved by the demons that portray to be our freedom?  Give me back my life and take your phony one with you. I don’t need your money, your welfare, and your confused system that is nothing, but exploitation and racism. They try to hide it, but it is just too obvious to hide. How can I be free when I have to feed the rich with my hard work and even though he pays me, he takes back double? Fees here, fees there, fees everywhere!! What fools we are for what is life when it’s owned by someone else. We believe we have rights, but do we? We have the right to remain silent, and the right to be a puppet to the establishment. The world is one great lie, not even the righteous is living; for there also living in the whirlpool of debt and disaster. Turn, turn, and turn and hopefully there is something left for us. As they pull our strings and direct us into the abyss, I ask! My god why are we in bondage? Can we be free? Where is Mosses? Have the powers of the universe left us to whiter and die? No they have not; we have a responsibility to ourselves. To save what God has given us. To fight and take back our streets, I honestly believe we have to cry out for help. We need to stop the bleeding, we need to stop the hunger, we need to stop the crime, and we need to unite and take back our lives and squash the demons that enslave us. The universe has given us the greatest weapon to use. It is called love. The land belongs to the people, it’s ours to keep, for the buffalo ran wild and free at one time, but today they are nowhere to be found. They have been eliminated for this thing called capitalism. We are now the run wild buffalos, but we are running from each other and we are not free. May the crime and punishment that goes on in our world come to an end? We need to wake up.

May all our dreams come alive in 2013 :0)

Tyrone Garcia.

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