The new world starts with you!!!

Good morning to the world and to my friends. As I wake up today I had a thought it was. Why worry over problems that will never go away. We could only control our emotions, we cannot control the world. Right now stress and worry is running through the souls of the people. They don’t know where there will wind up. But we do have the answer to free the world from this dreadful society of false hope. We need to work together not against each other, compassion for others and love will set us free!! Learn to say something nice and positive to someone in need. Don’t try to find ways to destroy, but to build character for that could be the beginning of the new world. The new world we should have been living for over 2000 years.  A world of making life bearable for all not just for some; the people have accepted the laws of evil over the laws of God. We have become blinded by materialism that will turn to salt water when the winds come. We have surrendered up our friends for money and fame, and allowed them to sink into failure, because of our own failure to live the true life of God. Are the powers of the universe saying not to enjoy life? No, you should enjoy life, but never turn in your friend to do it. Wisdom comes with time; you can’t get it in 4 years at college, but in a lifetime of living. So respect the elders for they have walked the road you are still on. For those who don’t, beware of the never ending detour that will shake you into belief or doom. Be kind, be humble, show respect, show love, and honor those with more age, and you will than find success. The true success for the information of self and life is greater than materialism. We try to take people position on the job or try to get them fired; remember that day for God will fire you also. Even a dictator of a country needs love. Love is the medicine needed to open horizons that are closed to you. May you all have a great day? Remember the universe is always watching.

May all your dreams come true :0)

Tyrone Garcia

The book is almost ready “Soap That doesn’t clean”

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