Book Update

As I finish up the editing of my book, I continue to relive the past over and over again. Today I was going through one of my biggest moments in my life. I call it the decision. The more I read the story the more I ask myself how on earth I got through those rough days. The book has been a giant wake up for me. I have been working with it for 8 months and I’m ready to move on. I was very sad today, due to an episode I was correcting. I still feel that I hold a great resentment because of it. It was 1997 and I left my career in order to be available to my family. For my career was sailing around the world. I would vision the bad times ahead and worry myself into a crying frenzy. My life would change from great to worse and I would spend many nights staring at the ceiling, and worried about the future of my family. Everything I owned would now be on the edge. I would live month to month trying to make ends meet. The good thing was, I was maintaining my sobriety. Not once did I feel like drinking any alcohol, and relapse wasn’t on my mind. My spiritual foundation was definitely on solid rock. When the winds came it didn’t knock me down, I would always stay upright. The book is coming along great and it is on schedule for a March launching. I need to go over it one more time, but should be finished by the end of next week. For those of you who know me you will enjoy it for I added most of you in some of the stories. I believe everyone should write their life story it will teach you much about yourself. I thought I was a tough guy, now I see that I’m not, I love drama and poetry, and I’m very sensitive, my anger is gone. God has touched my soul and has prepared me for a life of wisdom. My mind fly’s away from this world into my own.  and I create the one I want to live in. It is allot better than what I was before, and I have no worries. However I will from time to time forget and the old I show up.  But for every day that I practice the old me, gets farther away. I can’t change the world or whatever is my destiny, but I can be happy today and fantasize on the life I really want to have. The good thing is!  It just might come true.

Have a nice day :0)

Tyrone Garcia.

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