Choose your Code.

Good and Evil Riders wallpaper from Evil wallpapers

Is compassion a crime in the work force? Must we sellout our employees in order to feed someone’s ego? Should we overlook the person who is trying, but be harder on them because they are not as fast as the others? Who am I to judge the integrity of others? Shouldn’t a person be evaluated on their passion to work or on their lack of compassion for the code of life? Ambition can erase our morals for we only want to hear good news for being the slave driver that we are. Every man and woman is different. How can I be successful when my life is full of vultures picking away my confidence?  For when I get close to my goal, another vulture shows up and drags my goals farther away, pick, pick, pick, goes the vulture!  Every time I get up; he picks some more. When will my short comings come to an end? For I have been placed in a universe of greedy mongrels. How I would love to take them all on a trip to paradise and have laughter and prosperity for all. Why can’t the world be perfect? The world in my mind is, it’s the people who refuse to make it happen. The justification of defective character is what I’m surrounded by. Even when you treat the people well they tend to make it difficult. Oh sadness oh sorrow, where is my God!  But I will not change! I will prevail, and save my friends. For I will not sellout to the mongrels!  Even if I’m lost in the wilderness, I will be true to my people. Behold I send my children amongst the money hungry wolves, the picture behind the false one they present. How can people say they are here to make you better, but then they make you worse? What is up with the world? Do I even belong in it, why does everything bothers me to the point that it feels like evil is more in control than goodness. Are we alone? Are Gods angels at war with the evil ones in one last battle?. It surely feels that way. We are the angels of God the ones, who practice compassion, generosity, hope, love, happiness, honesty, humility, empathy, true, and integrity. That is our code.   Greed, envy, fear, false pride, ego, self pity, guilt, sorrow, regret, is the code of evil. If you have any of these you need to follow them in separate codes for we are all confused, we have a little of both and that is what keeps us away from greatness. Not greatness of money and fame greatness of being an angel of God. For fame and money will not get you into everlasting happiness. Money will pay your bills and help you to attain artificial happiness. However we should not give up on our code in order to find success. We should not sell out to the evil, for the evil will fool you and place you in everlasting agony for the rest of your life. I warn thee for the evil is running and placing false hope to the people. Be careful and fix your codes.

Have a nice day: 0)

Tyrone Garcia

My book “Soap that doesn’t clean” will be out soon

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