Don’t sell yourself for Fame

Practicing how to hurt people is what some folks do. I witnessed something today that almost made me vomit. How can a person spend hours on trying to hurt people? I mean the guy just went on and on; how to create a form of supervising that will justify his attitude toward the worker. You would think this guy was beat up growing up as a kid. I myself will always be different. I will always work with people and try to do it the old fashion way, motivation. Today’s young people have no compassion, why? Maybe because the world has become so hard to survive in, that people feel that destroying others is the only way to get ahead. No compassion for others. That means no one will have compassion for them one day, especially when they need it. Why must I witness this? What is God trying to show me? How horrible people are taking over the world. They are selling themselves to the Devil in order to have money and fame. Well I guess I will stay broke thank you. If I need to be a horrible person to be famous and rich I prefer to stay neutral. I don’t belong to any groups, I almost did join one. I remember when I was struggling in the business, I was invited to join a group and they said that I would do better, the connections would be good for me.  I catered there party, but decided to just stay with the group I belong to right now, God….   “You can make my life hell, but I won’t sell my soul”  I don’t even belong to a church group, sometimes I feel all alone, but I will live my life the way God tells me to. I can have all the money in the world, but when death comes upon me how do I confront God?  I still can live a great life with what I get from my work or maybe some other income. But if I’m told to join something in order to get ahead, no thank you. I’m not trying to put down any organizations all of them provide wonderful things for society. For me I need to stay neutral. I guess I will just be different and stay lonely. I have my family and that’s all the organization I need. I also have a great job and some good co workers and I really enjoy being with all of them. Maybe the greatest gift in the world is just being happy, even when there are people drawing up plans to make it hard on you. Let them!!, For they will wither and fade away like a leaf that falls off a tree and is swept into a garbage bag. W.B.D. Du Buois once said “you can put me in chains but you can’t enslave my thinking” I will follow that method till the day I die.

Have a nice day ;0)

Tyrone Garcia.

My book is almost ready “Soap that doesn’t clean” 

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