Men can have woman friends

Why is it, when men and woman get along in a friendly relationship, negativity comes to the minds of the people? I mean just because 2 people get along doesn’t mean there are having an affair. Married people sometimes turn marriage into a prison sentence. Insecurity is what it is. When people make assumptions that something is going on between 2 people they tend to bring the worse out of something that may be nothing but friendship. I believe men should have woman friends, and the same goes for woman should have men friends. Life should be free we should never worry about anything, because this is my philosophy. If you need to love someone else you never loved me in the beginning. So why should I even waste my tears. I trust my wife so much she can be in a club with 20 men and I know she will not do anything, the same here with me if they were woman.  Though we will not practice that experiment; I am just showing how much we trust each other. I bring this up, because there is a friend going through this right now, because someone blew the whistle on him. Today at school he was sharing with me how he is friendly with a girl on his job, but people assumed that they were having an affair. He will be fine, but know he is different and not as cheerful as he used to be, he says.  He is now a slave to the people who live their life’s like prisoners of insecurity. The mind can create beauty, but it can also create negativity. The Indians never had that problem of insecurity. They had their ceremonies and enjoyed their lives. The way we think is the way we live. When I had the Restaurant I and my wife both had lots of friend’s woman and men. I remember male customers talking to my wife and it never bothered me. The same when I spoke to females. I believe once you know each other you slack off a little. Woman love to hear the opinion of men and men love to hear the opinion of woman, especially when it has to do with a relationship. Who better to ask than the opposite sex? I believe we need to have some restrictions! I’m not going to a club and meet women and be their friend, I’m talking about more in the professional level of friendship. Dialogue is what I mean. I think we all need to talk to someone once in a while. “It’s good therapy for the soul”. And it can also tell us where are we in our own relationship. Life should be lived to the fullest and fear of insecurity should be abolished from your mind, because only you can make yourself feel bad; by given into bad negative thoughts. I learned a long time ago that life can come to an end quick.  So every day I live I am grateful, and I also know that whenever I make someone sad I am bringing that same sadness to myself. So I must always watch my actions..

Have a nice day :0)

Tyrone Garcia.

The book will be out soon

“Soap That doesn’t Clean”


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