Take a vacation with that tax refund.


Tax time is here, which means money for some of us, what are your plans with your refund? Pay off those Credit cards and Christmas bills you developed. If you get a nice size refund try to take some time off and go on Vacation. All we do is pay bills, and pay bills, till we die. It looks like paying bills will be around till the end and even then your family needs money to bury you. What is the sense of working when you can’t have any fun with the money you earned! I’m not talking about the people who are making good money, I’m talking about those people who never go nowhere because they have a terrible income, but they get a nice return because they have children. My father in law would always tell me; whenever you get money make sure you enjoy some of it with the family, and then take care of the rest. We never know when our time is up, and could off spent time with our loved ones and taken a nice trip somewhere. It doesn’t take much to do it. I remember when I sold my business Most of the money I got was to pay off taxes and other debts and to have a little nest egg until I started working again. However I took 7,000 dollars and took a trip to Disney world with my wife and then turned around and went to Puerto Rico. We had a great time. But we knew that the coming years were going to be rough so we partied for 2 weeks. It was the best decision I made because we would struggle allot. We saw ourselves not being able to go nowhere just work and go home. Paying off bills and people we may have owed some money to. But it wasn’t so hard, for we did enjoy ourselves before going through the financial hurricanes. We are now doing well again, we have some little obstacles, but the sun is shining on us, and like always God will never let us fall. We always need to satisfy ourselves before satisfying others. Life for some people is hard; they will never know what going on vacation means, other than a little trip upstate. But sometimes we do get the funds to travel. what will you do with yours?. There is nothing better in life then the laughter of a family enjoying a vacation. Good luck with all your decisions.

Have a nice day.

Tyrone Garcia

The Book “Soap That doesn’t clean” will be out soon.

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