Miles to walk before I reach my goal.

I remember when younger I would spend so much time running the streets. I sometimes look back and remember saying is this going to be my life? Will this ever be over? Eventually it would come to an end. I would grow and emerge into something I never thought I could be; a person with a life and creating goals to follow. It’s funny how our lives can go through so many obstacles at a young age, and you feel like your life is a waste. We start to point the finger or put ourselves down.  There were many times I felt as my life was a mistake. For the child my mother was having before me died inside of her. Then I came. Was I a mistake from God? Was I a curse? Was my destiny to be fatal and dark?  Why was I even born? To be the chosen one who suffers than changes everything around? There are many more like me I’m not the only one. I tell you this on this late Friday night. Time flies so fast that you start to wonder where it went. The memories in your mind are saved to relive the past you want to remember. Your friends who didn’t have your luck die and you spend your time going to funerals and hospitals. No matter what, there is always something to feel sorry for. Pity oh pity I seek!  When will my happiness appear?  For I am weak and tiered of the same old thing over and over again, how many miles must I walk in order to find peace. One problem leaves and another starts is it our country or is it just me? I see nothing but air in front of me! nothing is in my way, but the obstacles I fight. I see the Sun shining, it opens my mind and I feel a life line coming from God. God will save me from myself! Is he the Christian God or Just the higher Power the best and highest of the Universe!  We will see and I will continue to walk for every road has a dead end and I will get there with or without the obstacles. For God has made my will full of positive vibes and I will not stop until I reach my Goal.  My goal is to find Heaven and earth together, than I will be balanced. The life line of God will not be needed because I would have made it home.

Have a nice day :0)

Tyrone Garcia

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