Where ignorance is the people Politics prevail for the rich.

Paychecks are light! That’s because the Medicare tax is where it should be. Obama gave us those extra dollars last year so we can spend and help the economy. It’s over and now we are short. Heath care is about to dwindle and destroy lots of people even though Obama was trying to improve it. The billionaire Healthcare system has found a way to override the plan and give us minimal healthcare but more deductible, which means, when going to the Doctor you will need more money. The rich continues to kill the working class people. I guess every time Obama does something they will try to override him. So they can say “we told you he wasn’t good enough”.  American politics have turned into a cat and mouse game. Politics get paid and have very good healthcare, meanwhile we vote for them, so they can run the state and country, but they are just burying us alive in Debt. Sometimes I wonder myself what I am working for. Or who am I voting for? If it’s a good guy the bad guys make sure he doesn’t succeed. And on goes the insanity of our Government. What is going to happen?  Will people not be able to get the proper attention when going to the Doctor? I say this. Exercise, eat healthy, and don’t be too quick to take medicines that are prescribed. I myself don’t take any. Do some research if you have an illness, you may be able to treat it naturally. But if you need the medication then take it. I sometimes argue, what we would do if everything just went haywire and we couldn’t get our medicines. If the money just wasn’t their anymore,? Whether you are making 25.000 a year or 550.000 it doesn’t matter, you still fall under the working class people who can be enslaved by the Rich. I believe that if the American people don’t wake up and smell the money slavery will return. In a different way we earn money but we are not able capitalize on anything. We would have to move to crowded cities and live like peasants. The American dream will be just that, a dream.  Today educated people are doing lesser jobs for income. The bankruptcy courts are filled not be because we mismanage money, but because we are used to living the American dream and the country is taking us backwards. Republican and democrats have sold themselves to the devil and has left us out to die. While people are waiting for a war between Jesus and the devil, well!  Wait no more it’s happening right now and we are blinded by our ignorance. An ignorance which has brought us into hating each other because of class or race, pretty soon we will all be together broke and without anything and the real culprit will be laughing at us. He has played us well and has deceived us into believing the false. He is the greedy rich man who has become rich through our ignorance. And instead of saying THANK YOU HE IS NOW GOING FOR THE JUGGLER  We are all intelligent people we must read behind the lines the fine print is always the truth.

God bless us all :0)

Tyrone Garcia

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