Honor Roll I am alive!!

When I arrived home tonight from work, I received a letter from Tidewater Community College where I go to school. It stated; Congratulations you have been named to the Presidents Honor Roll at TCC for the fall of 2012.  I would love so much to show that to my 1st grade teacher who humiliated me. For everyone who has said negative words to me here you go. It took me to the age Of 50 to start going to school, but I will finish. I am not an outcast!! I am a human. I should have every opportunity to succeed no matter what race I am. The road to success has been long, but I have been able to attain every goal I dreamed off. I traveled the world. I beat alcohol, I beat racism, I beat greed, and I beat my negative self into a positive self. I have had lots of cash, a big home, commercial properties, an Entrepreneur;   I raised children, made the lady who married me happy. I have 2 kids in college.  I have helped many to find happiness and success. I gave jobs to people, places for them to sleep, food when they had no money to buy. I have helped people with their addiction, problems, socially, and mentally.  HEY SISITER Marilyn yes you the nun!  My first grade teacher who sat me in a garbage can and told the class I was worthless read that.  But I forgive you. . Hey racial man from the 60s who called me a spic and a thief before I even knew what a thief was. READ THE LETTER I am somebody! I am not inferior, I am a college educated Puerto Rican from the Bronx but living in Virginia today.  But I forgive you. Hey America who stole my country and turned it into the problem it is Puerto Rico drugs, violence, corruption, they can’t even pay their teachers. Dr Pedro Albizzu Campos is my leader even dead he still makes more sense than those who sold themselves to the United States for a freedom they will never see.  Yeh he is your factory job spic and we will have your kids sell drugs so we can put them in prison when they get older Genocide is what we were getting. But I forgive you.  Why does this world operate with so much hate and disrespect to the people. Why can we just all pass love? Why must we practice segregation even in the house of God we find words to offend others. How blind we are for we are all in the abyss of darkness. Our lives are like old knives dull and pointless. For this letter tonight gave me the energy I needed!  I am a writer and up in coming Author. Today I am alive. I finally hit the lottery.

Have a nice day :0)

Tyrone Garcia

My book ‘Soap that doesn’t clean” will be out soon.

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