Worry or God ?

The worse feeling in the world is not having money to pay your bills. As the day gets closer you start to feel the fear and embarrassment of not being able to pay your rent or mortgage. You sleep with your eyes wide open wondering how it will play out. You think of your family being thrown to the street and your mind really starts to create a terrible scenario. You are in the, I’m broke zone. AHHHHHHHH…..    You dial the 1-800-2- friend and he says he can’t help you. You try to think of someone else, but you know they are all broke. Then you think of family members who are doing well financially, but then you give up, because they will give you the sermon of why did you let that happen along with you haven’t called them in years. After torturing yourself mentally you decide to pray. Ok God here I am can you please help me with this bill? You calm down and you start to feel positive.”  I could do all things through Christ which strengthened me” (Bible) a thought comes to mind; you have a plan that works or unexpected income shows up in the mail. The problem that you turned into major crises doesn’t look as bad as you created it. The emotions can sometimes run wild and blind you from the answer. The other day I got into a heated discussion with someone at work.  He tries to tell me something that would scare me and have me create scenarios in my mind that would worry me. Unfortunately for him I am to powerful. My answer was. No one can do anything to me that could worry me, the only thing that can hurt me is? Forgetting about God, I walk with the Great Spirit and the spirit will decide my fate for you are nothing but a mortal God is everlasting joy. I have allowed my spiritual strength to guide me through life.  I am neither cocky nor outspoken with people.  I just have a strong faith. I will always prevail!!

Have a nice day :0)

Tyrone Garcia

My book “ soap that doesn’t clean” will be out soon.

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