The Road to oz.

The road to happiness can be a long one. Depending what you think happiness is. It could be money, heaven, freedom, or companionship. Whatever it is it’s a long walk ahead. We run into so many problems that your life is no different than the movie the Wizard of oz. You are looking for something and hope to get it when you arrive at your destination. The wizard of oz gives us a good illustration of what we are looking for in life. Dorothy is trying to get home, the scarecrow is looking for a brain, the tin man is looking for a heart, and the lion is looking for courage. An only a trip to oz can give them what they need to be happy. Each are dedicated to obtaining their dream.  The obstacle is evil! The wicked witch, she does everything possible to get the ruby slippers from Dorothy, so she makes their trip almost impossible for them to accomplish. Unfortunately Dorothy doesn’t know that all the power she needs is on her feet. They finally get to oz and are relieved for they believe they will get their wish. However nothing is free so the wizard makes them earn it. They have to destroy the evil witch and bring back her broom. They do, and the wizard gives them everything they ask for,even though all 3 already had it. The scarecrow gave ideas on how to get to oz. The tin man cried at a time when he saw doom. The lion with all his fear confronted every frightful minute he had.  Dorothy is left without her wish. She is told that she has the power so she uses it and gets her wish and all is well.  The awesome thing is that they did it together. They never gave up. They trusted in themselves and made their goal. I believe allot of us in life are trying to find oz also.  The problem is we try to do everything ourselves and are not humble enough to accept help from others. While on my trip to oz there were many obstacles in my way. I fought all kinds of terrible situations. I had no brain, no heart, and no courage, and definitely no home.Or better yet!  I didn’t use them correctly   I fought so much trying to find freedom that I didn’t know till I was 30 years old that I also had ruby slippers. I also had friends who were willing to help me. All I needed to say was. Please God can you help me. Then I was free. We all have the power its been given to ask Its called humility, meditation, and having an open mind.

Have a nice day :0)
Tyrone Garcia

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