Principals or personalities which is our business

Are personalities the way of the business world or is it principals? I think its personalities when coming to corporate America. I have been in the work force for decades; and I can say that a high percentage of management is based more on personal  than principal. It doesn’t matter how talented you are; management is worrying more about protecting their own job from you, than worrying about the business. Today’s managers are just like a air condition repair man there are trained to weed out the week and replace it with the new. They don’t know how to trouble shoot problems like a real professional does. A professional will try to find the problem because you can change everything, but the root of the problem hasn’t been dug out yet. Your business becomes a revolving door of employees and you see yourself worse than before. The problem with employees is at time the economical structure is creating  the problem, gas hikes, rent, credit, has all become a burden in their finances, salaries are too weak for them to take on their responsibilities and management is holding them back from promotions or pay raises,  because some ignorant  managers  may not like them. They could have an employee pulling garbage  working as a janitor, and he could have been an expert in a problem the company is having; but because a certain  manager  don’t like their cockiness of sharing their pass experience with them, they won’t recommend  their name  as someone who can help when discussing business problems. This is the real problem in corporate America. When America was growing in the 1800s, the owners were more involved so they themselves would notice the talent around them, and an already booming nation everybody was on board with any ideas someone would have. Ideas are what created America envy, and personalities are what will bury it. When I was in business I had several headache employees that I should off fired some I did fire, but some I kept. I trained them into good workers and today there are in the work force world doing great. They stay in touch with me and one of them was given an award on her job for being very productive.  Sometimes giving someone the ax is not the right answer when an employee fails, the management team has failed also. That’s why In Sports when the team fails the management team is fired because they are getting paid to motivate and turn employees into future management and to look toward success. Any idiot of the streets can fire somebody but can you motivate someone into success?

Have a nice day :0)

Tyrone Garcia

My book “Soap that doesn’t clean “ will be out soon.

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