What is the real Goal?

Goals are they really attainable in today’s society?  Depending which goal it is. The way capitalism has worked our only goal is not to get kicked out of our apartment, of foreclosed, repossessed, or bankrupt. How can we today go to school and fulfill our educational goals while creditors and landlords are driving up our rent and adding penalties for being 3 days late on the rent or bills? Insurance companies are charging you more money on your policy because you have a minor speeding ticket, I can see a DUI or reckless driving. I will give you an example. I switched to Geico, the other day and they gave me a 500 policy for 6 months. Then when they saw I have gotten a speeding ticket 1 in four years for being 15 over the limit, my policy shot up to 866.00. Why?  I have never had an accident.  The whole capitalistic system has done nothing but enslave the people and made the rich richer.  People with degrees are not finding jobs there are working in lesser jobs because there is none. How does someone with a PHD work in a call center. That is the America we have today. The greed for money has destroyed many dreams, because we are forced to work longer hours in order to support ourselves. We can’t stop it, but we can regulate it. Will it take a revolution in the 21st century to bring back order to the country? The companies have gone crazy overcharging for products that are not worth it. The problem is our industrialization is done in America. The billionaires are taking their companies overseas and the globalization of jobs has left America with nothing. Today call centers the only decent job we have left for non professionals are being set up in other countries in order to get lower business cost. However the prices of their products remain high. So what happens to the common family who don’t have lots of money; how about their goals to send their children to college or have the great vacation after working bell to bell?.  Nothing you have nothing. For even when you get a raise if you’re lucky the rent will go up, or gas will peak at 4 dollars a gallon. American employees are pretty difficult but why? Who can be motivated getting paid peanuts every 2 weeks than trying to have a good life financially? Facebook has been the site of envy for many; for everybody post when they are having fun or when traveling, while others watch and say I wish that was me. I went to Puerto Rico in July of 2012 and I didn’t post anything till I got back and it was just a picture of my wife, and daughter, in a pool.  We have lost compassionate for others in this world, we praise God but we overlook the hungry and post our gifts while others struggle. I have also done it. As we continue to go backwards and people continue to fall short of the bills when will wake up and stop the bleeding. Trust me even us people who are doing fine are just one inconsiderate decision from being in the streets. We need to take back our world; away from the real enemy, out of control capitalism and greed. Prayer won’t do it action will. “For mosses had to lead his people out of exile with the help of God”  ” Exodus”

Have a nice day :0)

Tyrone Garcia.

My book  “Soap that doesn’t clean “is near.

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