Its not your call.

While going to work the other day I was thinking about something and a thought came to me and It was.. Who are you to tell someone their fate?  It has to do with religious people passing on fear to others. I remember a friend of mine who is Christian telling me that only certain people will go to heaven and the rest will go to hell. I looked at him like he was crazy. But I asked him why? He said that people who don’t give themselves to Jesus will perish and the ones who believe and follow Jesus will live forever. Something like that. I wonder if when Jesus told the apostles to feed the world his message: what he really meant was to give people morals. To teach people how to live and believe in something even when life isn’t going their way? To trust in a power greater than yourself!     I don’t know what to say behind this but what happens to all the other good people; they just go to hell? I believe the little thought I had that morning is just what it is. No one has the right to tell you your fate. I believe that religion is nothing but segregation. I can be a catholic, and my friend a Baptist, which both fall under Christianity, or the new testament which is the book of Jesus, but they have a problem with the Virgin Mary and all the saints the Catholics believe in which forms segregation between the two denominations. I wouldn’t be surprised if God was telling Jesus everyday “Boy those people down there are way of course” I think that the worse thing in the world is books that are re written by others instead of the original author. I bet you If Jesus would have written the New Testament It would be way different than what we have been reading. There are so many spiritual movements that it’s impossible to believe in the Christians. I believe that we should all believe in whatever makes you a better person. The thought of even passing this type of fear is ironic and deplorable.  How can we have a forgiven God that invents a place for people who are not forgiven? Can someone tell me this like I’m a 3 year old? Only when death appears we will know the truth but until that day I will love my brother and follow the morals Jesus gave us, along with morals of other groups of spirituality,  but I will not send anyone to hell!! For not following my beliefs, “to each his own”,” live and let live”

Have a nice day :0)

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“ Soap That Doesn’t clean”

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