Creating beauty within the mind.

Figure of Light Appears in Sky over Beautiful Landscape Stock Photo - 6650890

How great it is to see the sun breaking through the clouds and your surroundings full beautiful landscape. When I wake up in the morning this is how I want my day to look. My mind can create all of the beauty the world has to offer, even when your phone is ringing out of control with the collectors bothering you for money you owe. How great it would be if I can win the lottery! And walk away debt free!  It would be easy but then what?  I remember in 2003 when my older brother Angelo was dying of cancer. I went to visit him in the hospital in New York. It would be the last time I would see him alive he ask me, how was the business doing? I said, “Very Good” I don’t see myself struggling anymore for money because I am paying everything off. He said you will never stop owing money just be happy with your life and enjoy yourself. At the time I didn’t accept that but I do understand today what he meant. While our health is in good shape we forget about that blessing and worry ourselves to death about bills and money. We forget about the important things family, friendship, and love. To be able to walk, run, perform, talk, eat, and be independent. To take our minds out of grief and travel spiritually into a world we call peace and happiness. We can make that happen every day if we wanted to. However we tend to worry about the material life more than our own. The material life is an enslavement of the mind: you can never have enough; you always want more and more. An addiction of greed is all it is.  Discontented we are for we work to be broke just so we can say I have this.  I failed to take heed to my brother’s advice and within 5 years from that conversation I was in so much debt I lost it all. Just because I wanted to live like a king; instead of a common person; I would fail and have to start all over again. But today I create that beautiful sky and surroundings with my mind and it only cost imagination,   a God given trait allowing us to see the real fun in life. Today “The Sun will shine upon me” for I will break through the clouds of materialism and set like the sun which shines upon the calm cool sea and gives the reflection of light.

Have a nice day :0)

Tyrone Garcia.

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