The floating family

What do you do when you have tried everything but you are still going to have trouble? I mean you have been confident, you meditated, prayed, were positive, all you can do, but you still come up short and in trouble. What do you do?  You continue. There were once two families who lived in a poor neighborhood. Although they were poor they enjoyed their lives to the fullest. Their vacations were to the local beach, they would make sandwiches and bring juice and make a nice picnic. One day a hurricane knocked down their houses and they were devastated over their losses. Nobody came to assist them because their home was poor and the neighborhood was far away. Family 1 started rebuilding while family 2 fell to self pity and decided not to rebuild. Family 2 would be negative toward family 1 and ask why are you wasting your time?  when the high tide comes in we will all drown. Family 1 knew of what was going to occur: however they continue to build. Family 1 would finish their home and build protection around the home top keep out water. Even though it didn’t matter, the high tide would destroy their home and drown them all. Family 2 already accepted defeat and death. Family 1 kept right on building. The father of the building family had to keep motivating the rest of the family because the Negative family was doing a great job depressing everyone. The day came when the seas would become rough and the winds would bring the ocean into the land. Family 2 was quickly washed away but family 1  kept strong, but the house was taken out to sea. The father kept telling the family to hold on the house floated on the rough seas the family was scared but the dad started to pray and ask for help. They would go through the night in fear waiting for their final moment. They were able to make it through the night. Sunrise had come and on the horizon was a ship that was steaming in their direction.  It seems like a plane had spotted them and the ship was on its way to rescue them. They were saved; while on the ship the family thanked their dad for keeping them motivated. The dad said don’t thank me,  thank God!   For he said those who build their home on solid rock would be able to withstand any wind. (The Bible)    We live life to the fullest and we cherish it even when we think it’s over we put up a fight to keep it.

Have a nice day :0)

Tyrone Garcia

My Book “ Soap That doesn’t clean” will be out soon.

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