My School when growing up.

The bar was called` Arthurs round Table. It is now a different name Bronx Table. How the memories came to mind as I remember the long hours I spent in front and inside the bar. The corner of Bronx River and 174th street   was a world in itself; there were drugs, alcohol, and at times death by the bar. It wouldn’t keep any of us away for that was the Bronx school of training. There were great times spent there and there were times I wish I was never there. The bar was the night life for those who didn’t want to leave the hood. Dancing and jitterbugging went on and on but we all love our hours spent by the bar. If only I could bring back the negative nights and turn them into positive ones there would be nothing but good things to say about the little corner bar. Too bad I can’t, but one thing I have is memories. Memories stored in my mind, so when I want to relive the past all I have to do is close my eyes and let the imagination do the rest. But I do miss the friends and times I had, how far away I am .for I am not ashamed to say I come from the Bronx River bar.

I want to thank Chris Cross for posting a picture on facebook of the little corner bar. And bringing back the memories of this great institution we once all shared our time in.

Have a nice day :0)

Tyrone Garcia

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