The Problem is spiritual not Financial.

Its a good morning indeed when the eyes open and air is taken into the lungs. Alive you are for what episode of life today will give you hope, or sorrow? the first thing you do when getting up in the morning is what makes your day. It could start off great or it could start of terrible. Meditation and prayer could be a great start after giving thanks for your life. Or you could do what I have done in the past go to the computer and check your bank account to see what checks went through and to see if all went well, and if it didn’t; your day will start  with worry and negativity.You then start chasing for miracle that wont happen only your worried mind believes in it not the universe.Your angry and discounted and you don’t make any sense when arguing with your spouse or family.You then go on to make more decisions that bury you into deeper debt. You are now in the; I’m going out of my mind zone. I was in business for ten years and I believe seven of those years  were just  like this post that i’m writing. I stood so worried that my real downfall was the negativity not the economy. My negative thoughts were more powerful than my positive thoughts and the negative ones won the battle all the time until I was finished. How do we come to the conclusion that worry never accomplishes anything. when`worry sets in all other types of bad thoughts come to your head like suicide, giving up, running away, hurting others, envy, despair, plan old anger. Then depression  sets in and you are in a world of trouble, depression is really the opposite of rage. Could you believe all this could come from something as simple as not having enough money this week to pay a bill that could be taken care of later on that month.

Eventually two things will happen you will lose your mind or you will overcome it. I have learned the hard way that life is all an education and that all the obstacles that come into our lives will only make you stronger. However you have to learn when to cut off your problems. Yes” I do understand they won’t go away, but your sanity and life are more important and there is always an answer for everything. Worry and despair aren’t the answer.  Its acceptance! Once a person accepts their mistake and takes responsibility for it.  You will be amazed on how answers to solve the problems come to you quickly. Most of us play the blame game when we mess up and that could go on for years before we get sick or everybody around us gets sick of hearing about it. None of us are perfect we all want things that we can’t afford or something’s we know we can’t handle. Our curiosity brings us to the thought of; “can we accomplish this task without any trouble”? Learn to say powers of the universe or God help me and allow your confidence to roll with it. Be positive even when things are still bad; because the real hole your in is spiritual! We must learn to keep our thoughts positive all the time in order for Good things to come. .Praying in agony may be good for an old religious movie but praying with positive affirmations is the way to go. May your day be blessed and all the positive vibes; is around you today.

Have a nice day :0)

Tyrone Garcia

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